The Being (1981)


The movie The Being (1981) is a horror film directed by Jackie Kong. The plot revolves around a small town in Idaho that is plagued by a series of mysterious and gruesome deaths [1]. As the body count rises, the local sheriff, played by Martin Landau, and a scientist, portrayed by José Ferrer, team up to investigate the strange occurrences.

The movie explores the dark secret behind the killings, which is revealed to be a mutated creature that has been created as a result of toxic waste contamination [1]. The creature, known as “The Being,” is a grotesque and deadly monster that preys on the unsuspecting townspeople. As the sheriff and the scientist race against time to stop the creature, they uncover a government cover-up and must confront their own fears to save the town from destruction.

The movie The Being (1981) combines elements of horror, science fiction, and creature features.


  • Martin Landau as Sheriff Mortimer
  • Marianne Gordon as Laurie
  • Bill Osco as Rexx Coltrane
  • Jose Ferrer as Dr. Bradford
  • Dorothy Malone as Marge Smith
  • Ruth Buzzi as Miss Poopinplatz


  • The Being is also known as Easter Sunday [1].
  • The film was released in 1981 and gained a cult following for its campy and over-the-top nature [1].
  • The Being was directed by Jackie Kong, known for her work in the horror genre [1].



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