The Boogens (1981)


The movie The Boogens (1981) is a horror film set in an old mining town in the American West [6]. The plot revolves around a deadly secret that has been dormant for 70 years, waiting to be awakened when the town’s silver mine is reopened [6].

The story begins with old newspaper stories detailing a mine collapse in 1912 [5]. The movie then jumps ahead to the present, specifically the 1980s, when a group of people, including two young couples, move into a house near the mine [5]. Unbeknownst to them, the mine harbors a terrifying creature known as the Boogens.

As the group settles into their new home, strange and unexplained events start to occur. They soon realize that they are not alone and that something sinister lurks in the depths of the mine. The Boogens, a group of reptilian creatures, begin to emerge from the darkness, hungry for human flesh.

The movie The Boogens (1981) follows the group’s desperate struggle for survival as they try to outwit and escape the Boogens.


  • Rebecca Balding as Jessica Ford
  • Fred McCarren as Mark Kinner
  • Anne-Marie Martin as Trish Michaels
  • Jeff Harlan as Roger Lowrie
  • Jon Lormer as Mr. DeWitt
  • John Crawford as Dan Ostroff


  • The Boogens is also known as “Pop Culture Junkiez” [3].
  • The film was released in 1981 [6].
  • The Boogens gained a cult following for its blend of horror and creature feature elements [3].



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