The Bride (1985)


The movie The Bride (1985) is a Gothic horror film directed by Franc Roddam. The Bride (1985) is a remake of the classic 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein, giving the story a more contemporary setting.

Baron Charles Frankenstein, Dr. Zalhus, and Frankenstein’s assistant, Paulus, are working together to create a female mate, Eva, for Frankenstein’s monster. The team of scientists succeed in creating Eva, who is physically identical to a human and lacking the deformities of the monster. However, Eva is revolted by the monster and rejects him. A confrontation between the monster and Frankenstein regarding Eva leads the monster to fly into a rage and destroy the laboratory. Frankenstein, believing the monster has died, flees with Eva back to Castle Frankenstein. There he falls in love with her and, with the help of his friend Charles Clerval and housekeeper Mrs. Baumann, educates her with the goal of making her a perfect human mate.

The monster, having survived, wanders into the countryside where he befriends a dwarf, Rinaldo. As they learn more about one another, Rinaldo eventually gives the monster more humanity by gracing him with a name: Viktor (“he will win”). The men travel by foot through Europe, eventually arriving in Budapest, where they become involved with a circus owner named Magar, who hires them despite his dislike for Rinaldo. Meanwhile, as Eva acquires language and develops further cognizance, she begins to question her origin and, while visiting a decrepit mausoleum with Baron Charles, tells him she wishes to “go home.”

The Baron has Eva accompany him to a formal party held by a Countess, where he introduces her. Eva is initially well-spoken and formal, impressing the Countess, Captain Josef Schoden, and other guests, but becomes agitated when a cat enters the room. Having no knowledge of the animal, Eva begins to scream at it, embarrassing the Baron. Several days later, while riding her horse near the castle, Eva is approached by Josef, who attempts to romance her. Josef informs Eva that the Baron was thrown out of university while studying medicine. She begins to question the Baron and his intentions, leading to a dramatic turn of events.


  • Sting as Baron Charles Frankenstein
  • Jennifer Beals as Eva
  • Clancy Brown as Viktor
  • David Rappaport as Rinaldo
  • Quentin Crisp as Dr. Zalhus


This remake of The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) was made and released in 1985 which was the 50th anniversary year of the original film which had debuted in 1935. Original bride Elsa Lanchester was still alive at the time but in poor health; she passed away in 1986.


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