The Calling (2000)


The movie The Calling (2000) is a supernatural thriller directed by Richard Caesar.

A newlywed becomes pregnant following a mystical encounter on her wedding night. As the years pass, her child grows up beloved yet oddly distant.

Approaching his birthday, the precocious young boy develops an unsettling influence over family and friends. Plagued by apocalyptic dreams and visions, she comes to fear her beloved boy may be harbouring a horrific secret. Ominous clues begin to point to a chilling conclusion – that she may have given birth to the Antichrist himself.


  • Laura Harris as Hazel Dawkins
  • Richard Lintern as Dominion
  • Frank Harper as DCI Bell
  • Vincent Regan as DI Jordan
  • Lesley Sharp as Dr. Gwen Cox


  • Filmed on location in England
  • Directed by visual effects specialist Richard Caesar
  • Original title was “The God Machine”
  • Premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US


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