The Convent (2000)


The movie The Convent (2000) is a supernatural horror film directed by Mike Mendez. It follows a group of college students who break into an abandoned convent, only to encounter a demonic presence inside.

Art student Christine and her friends decide to break into St. Francis boarding school, now abandoned after a massacre in the 1960s. They hope to use it as a location for Christine’s senior project. However, strange occurrences start plaguing the group, including visions of demonic nuns.

It’s revealed that Satanic rituals at the convent years earlier opened a portal to Hell, allowing a demonic entity to possess the surviving nuns. Now returned in undead form, the nuns haunt the convent, slaughtering any intruders. Christine and her friends struggle to battle the murderous demons and escape the convent alive.

The movie The Convent (2000) culminates in a bloody showdown between Christine and the demonic Mother Superior,who wishes to possess Christine.


  • Adrienne Barbeau as Mother Superior
  • Megahn Perry as Christine
  • Bill Moseley as Joe the Driver
  • Coolio as The Cop
  • Lisa Toothman as Connie


  • Filmed on location at a historic convent in Texas
  • Director Mike Mendez worked regularly in indie horror
  • Adrienne Barbeau starred in the horror classic The Fog
  • Received a limited theatrical release


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