The Crawlers (1990)


The movie The Crawlers (1990), also known as Contamination .7, is an Italian horror film directed by Fabrizio Laurenti and starring Jason Saucier, Mary Sellers, and Bubba Reeves. It follows a group terrorized by malicious radioactive tree roots.

The movie The Crawlers (1990) opens with a truck dumping radioactive waste into a forest near a small town. Years later, local residents start noticing strange occurrences where plant and tree roots begin attacking people, leaving mutilated corpses. The Sheriff’s daughter Josie teams up with scientist John to investigate why the flora is coming to life.

Josie and John discover the forest has become overrun with mutant man-eating roots, vines, and tendrils after exposure to radiation. The foreign plant life is able to move on its own and hunt humans as prey. After Josie’s family and friends are killed by the dangerous flora, she and John take flamethrowers into the forest for a final showdown against the killer roots.

After narrowly surviving a massive creature formed from vines and roots, Josie sets the contaminated forest ablaze, putting an end to the Crawlers.


  • Jason Saucier as John
  • Mary Sellers as Josie
  • Bubba Reeves as Hank
  • Cleve A. Mann as Mayor
  • Julie Silver as Lisa


  • Titled Contamination .7 in Italy.
  • Produced by exploitation filmmaker Joe D’Amato.
  • Also known as Troll 3 or The Crawlers in the USA.
  • Sequel to 1985’s Creepers.



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