The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982)


The movie The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982), also known as Curse of the Cannibal Confederates, is a horror film directed by Tony Malanowski. The movie follows a group of friends who stumble upon an abandoned cemetery in the woods and awaken an ancient curse that unleashes a horde of undead Confederate soldiers.

The movie The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982) begins with a group of Southern deer hunters who stop at a church graveyard in the woods. Their activities arouse the corpses of long-dead Confederate soldiers, who rise from their graves and begin to terrorize the hunters. Meanwhile, a group of friends, including college student Julie and her boyfriend Steve, decide to take a camping trip in the same woods. While exploring, they stumble upon the abandoned cemetery and unwittingly awaken the curse.

As the group tries to escape the undead soldiers, they encounter a mysterious woman named Claire, who claims to be a descendant of the Confederate general who cursed the land. She explains that the curse can only be lifted by finding the general’s lost treasure and returning it to his grave. The group sets out to find the treasure, but they are pursued by the undead soldiers at every turn.

As they search for the treasure, the group discovers that Claire has her own agenda and is not to be trusted. They also encounter a group of redneck hunters who are also searching for the treasure and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.


  • Steve Sandkuhler as Steve
  • Candace Hilligoss as Julie
  • William R. Smith as John
  • Ann Noble as Claire
  • Harryette Warren as Mary
  • Robert T. Henderson as Confederate General


  • The movie was originally released as Curse of the Screaming Dead before being picked up by Troma and rebadged as Curse of the Cannibal Confederates.
  • The film was shot in only nine days on a budget of $35,000.
  • The movie features a cameo appearance by horror legend Forrest J Ackerman.


  • Letterboxd – “The Curse of the Screaming Dead is a fun, low-budget horror flick that delivers plenty of zombie action and a few surprises along the way.”
  • IMDb – “This movie is a must-see for fans of low-budget horror. The acting is cheesy, the effects are cheap, and the plot is ridiculous, but it all adds up to a fun and entertaining ride.”


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