The Deadly Spawn (1983)


The movie The Deadly Spawn (1983) follows the chaos unleashed when a meteor crashes to Earth, unleashing a horde of monstrous carnivorous alien spawn.

The story begins when a meteor lands in the New Jersey woods. It cracks open, releasing reptilian alien creatures that begin attacking and consuming every living thing they encounter. The worm-like spawn quickly massacre campers and wildlife.

The movie The Deadly Spawn (1983) shows the spawn growing larger and making their way into town. As the number of mutilated victims piles up, a group of teens led by Charles try to evade the vicious alien monsters now invading their homes.

Charles teams up with science teacher Brian to learn more about the creatures and how to stop them. They discover the spawn are vulnerable to extreme cold. However, the spawn continue massacring townspeople, including Charles’ family.

In the climactic finale, Charles lures the spawn into the freezer at his father’s restaurant, managing to destroy the remaining aliens through freezing temperatures. The movie The Deadly Spawn (1983) ends with the town safe again but traumatized by the horrific alien attack.


  • Charles George Hildebrandt as Charles
  • Jean Tafler as Ellen Morris
  • Richard Lee Porter as Frankie
  • James L. Brewster as Brian
  • Judith Mayes as Barbara


The film had an ultra-low budget of only $35,000.

All of the alien spawn were created through handmade puppetry.

The movie was shot in New Jersey and New York by local student filmmakers.


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