The Death King (1990)


The movie The Death King (1990), also known as Der Todesking, is an avant-garde German horror anthology film directed by Jörg Buttgereit. It consists of seven vignettes linked by a framing story.

The movie The Death King (1990) opens with a man and woman discovering a folder from the mysterious Death King. The folder contains stories about horrific suicides and deaths. In “Don’t Look”, a man hangs himself. “The Faith Healer” sees a woman get attacked by maggots. “The Kitchen/Revenge” follows two women who violently kill a man.

Other segments include “Die Schneekönigen” about a woman who freezes to death, “Krankenhaus” about a hospital suicide, and “Iron Guts” about a deranged killer eating glass. The final story “Spot” is about a woman obsessed with keeping her apartment clean. The gruesome stories portray humanity’s dark fascination with death.


  • Hermann Kopp as the Death King
  • Lola Gaveort as the Woman
  • Uwe Bohm as Man in Don’t Look
  • Achim Freyer as Man in The Kitchen
  • Margitta Ritter as Woman in Spot


  • Banned in Germany for its controversial subject matter.
  • Made on a budget of just 40,000 Deutschmarks.
  • Director Jörg Buttgereit appears briefly in the film.
  • Score composed by Buttgereit and Monika M.



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