The Devonsville Terror (1983)


The Devonsville Terror (1983) is a supernatural horror film directed by Ulli Lommel. The plot focuses on three women who arrive in a conservative New England town, one of whom is the reincarnation of a witch who was wrongfully executed along with two others by the town’s founding fathers in 1683. The women begin experiencing strange occurrences and are accused of being witches by the town’s residents. The film explores themes of misogyny, witchcraft, and the abuse of power.

The film begins with three women arriving in Devonsville: Jenny Scanlon, played by Suzanna Love, who is researching the town’s history; Katherine Winston, played by Donna Wilkes, who is looking for her missing sister; and the mysterious, red-haired, and beautiful Lacey Hellerstat, played by Marilyn Hassett. The women soon discover that the town’s residents are hostile towards outsiders and that they are suspected of being witches. The town’s mayor, played by Donald Pleasence, leads the charge against the women, accusing them of being responsible for the strange occurrences in the town.


  • Suzanna Love as Jenny Scanlon
  • Robert Walker Jr. as Tim Ozzie
  • Donald Pleasence as Mayor Adams
  • Paul Willson as Deputy
  • Deanna Haas as Mrs. Collinwood
  • Michael Accardo as Mr. Collinwood
  • Theresa Trousdale as Mrs. Ozzie
  • Edward Talbot “Chip” Matthews as Mr. Ozzie
  • Donna Wilkes as Katherine Winston
  • Marilyn Hassett as Lacey Hellerstat


The Devonsville Terror (1983) draws on numerous historical aspects of the witchcraft inquisition in the colonial era of the United States. The film explores themes of misogyny, witchcraft, and the abuse of power, and features a unique twist on the witchcraft genre.



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