The Evil Dead (1981)


The movie The Evil Dead (1981) is a supernatural horror film directed by Sam Raimi. The story follows a group of five college students – Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, his girlfriend Linda, and their friends Cheryl, Scott, and Shelly – who decide to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin in the woods. Unbeknownst to them, the cabin holds a dark secret.

As the group settles into the cabin, they discover an ancient book called the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, also known as the Book of the Dead. When one of them unwittingly plays a recording of incantations from the book, it unleashes a malevolent force that possesses and terrorizes them. One by one, the friends become possessed and turn into violent, demonic creatures.

The movie The Evil Dead (1981) follows Ash as he fights to survive the night. As the demonic presence grows stronger, Ash must confront his possessed friends and battle the forces of darkness that threaten to consume him. The film is known for its intense and gory scenes, as well as its dark humor.

The movie The Evil Dead (1981) is a cult classic in the horror genre, praised for its innovative camerawork, practical effects, and atmospheric tension. It has since spawned a successful franchise, including two sequels, Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992), as well as a 2013 remake and 2023 entry in the series.


  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams
  • Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl
  • Richard DeManincor as Scott
  • Betsy Baker as Linda
  • Theresa Tilly as Shelly


  • The Evil Dead (1981) was made on a low budget of approximately $350,000.
  • The film faced controversy and censorship due to its graphic violence and gore.
  • The Evil Dead (1981) was initially met with mixed reviews but has since gained a cult following and is considered a horror classic.



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