The Fan (1981)


The movie The Fan (1981) is a psychological horror-thriller directed by Edward Bianchi. The plot follows Sally Ross, a famous stage and film actress portrayed by Lauren Bacall, who becomes the target of a violent and deranged fan named Douglas Breen, played by Michael Biehn [4]. As Sally rejects Douglas’ obsessive advances, he spirals into a dangerous obsession, leading him to strike out at her and her loved ones [3]. The movie explores the dark and twisted mind of an obsessed fan and the terrifying consequences that unfold.

The Fan delves into the psychological torment experienced by both Sally and Douglas. Sally’s life is turned upside down as she realizes the extent of Douglas’ obsession and the lengths he is willing to go to possess her. Meanwhile, Douglas becomes increasingly unhinged, resorting to violence and murder to eliminate anyone he perceives as a threat to his fantasy [4]. The movie delves into the cat-and-mouse game between Sally and Douglas, as she fights to protect herself and those she loves from his relentless pursuit.


  • Lauren Bacall as Sally Ross
  • Michael Biehn as Douglas Breen
  • James Garner as Jake Berman
  • Maureen Stapleton as Belle Goldman
  • Hector Elizondo as Inspector Raphael Andrews
  • Anna Maria Horsford as Ella McCall


  • The Fan is based on the 1977 novel of the same name by Bob Randall [4].
  • The film was released in 1981 and received mixed reviews from critics [4].
  • Lauren Bacall considered her performance in The Fan to be among her best work [4].



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