The Final Terror (1983)


The movie The Final Terror (1983) follows a group of young campers stalked by an unknown killer in the remote North California wilderness.

A bus filled with young forest rangers travels to the wilderness for a camping trip. After setting up camp, strange occurrences and a dangerous bear start terrorizing the group. One member soon goes missing, leaving the rest to wonder if a murderer is preying on them.

The movie The Final Terror (1983) escalates as more campers disappear into the woods, picked off by an unseen stalker. With no means of transportation or communication, those remaining grow paranoid trying to determine the killer’s identity.

Trapped in the isolated forest and dwindling in numbers, the terrified campers struggle to stick together while seeking a way to escape. In the pulse-pounding climax, the deranged killer’s nest is discovered just before a final life-or-death struggle ensues.

The movie The Final Terror (1983) ends with the reveal of the killer’s identity as the few survivors mourn the loss of their friends to the deadly camping trip massacre.


  • John Friedrich as Eggar
  • Ernest Harden Jr. as Vandevere
  • Rachel Ward as Megan
  • Adrian Zmed as Marc
  • Lewis Smith as Roosevelt


The movie is considered a predecessor to the slasher genre.

It was filmed on location in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

The film sat unreleased for 2 years due to distribution problems.


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