The Guardian (1990)


The movie The Guardian (1990) is a supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin, starring Dwier Brown, Jenny Seagrove, and Carey Lowell. It follows an ancient tree druid who sacrifices babies to gain immortality.

The movie The Guardian (1990) opens in ancient times with the Druid priestess declaring sacrificing infants will allow the ancient tree spirit to give them immortality. In modern day, new parents Phil and Kate sterilize their tree-filled yard to safely raise their baby Jake. Unknown to them, an ancient tree druid has survived over the centuries and needs to resume her ritual sacrifices.

The guardian druid possesses the beautiful nanny Camilla and subtly manipulates the parents to allow her increased access to Jake. As Phil starts to suspect Camilla, the druid causes increasingly dangerous events meant to kill the baby. During the final confrontation, the guardian spirit’s tree form is destroyed, freeing the kidnapped infants she had kept alive for centuries.


  • Jenny Seagrove as Camilla Grandier
  • Dwier Brown as Phil
  • Carey Lowell as Kate
  • Brad Hall as Ned Runcie
  • Miguel Ferrer as Cliff De La Guardia


  • Based on the novel The Nanny by Dan Greenburg.
  • Director William Friedkin also made The Exorcist.
  • Jenny Seagrove did her own tree climbing stunts.
  • Made on a budget of $8 million.



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