The Hand (1981)


The movie The Hand (1981) is a psychological horror film directed by Oliver Stone. The story follows Jon Lansdale, a successful comic book artist played by Michael Caine, who lives a contented life in rural Vermont with his wife Anne and their young daughter Lizzie.

One day, Jon gets into a car accident that results in the amputation of his right hand. As he tries to cope with the loss, he begins to experience strange and disturbing occurrences. Jon becomes convinced that his severed hand is still alive and is out to seek revenge on those who have wronged him.

As Jon’s paranoia and fear grow, he starts to lose control over his own actions. The hand takes on a life of its own, committing acts of violence and murder. Jon’s relationships and sanity are put to the test as he battles with the malevolent force that resides within his own body.

The movie The Hand (1981) delves into themes of identity, obsession, and the dark side of the human psyche.


  • Michael Caine as Jon Lansdale
  • Andrea Marcovicci as Anne Lansdale
  • Annie McEnroe as Stella Roche
  • Bruce McGill as Brian Ferguson


  • The Hand (1981) is based on the novel “The Lizard’s Tail” by Marc Brandel.
  • The film marks Oliver Stone’s second feature film as a director and his first film made for a major studio.
  • The original film score is composed by James Horner, who would go on to become a renowned composer in the film industry.



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