The Hearse (1980)


The movie The Hearse (1980) is a supernatural horror film directed by George Bowers. The story follows Jane Hardy, a schoolteacher who inherits her deceased aunt’s home in a small town. As Jane settles into her new house, she begins experiencing supernatural occurrences and encounters unexplained hostility from the townspeople[5].

As the strange events escalate, Jane becomes increasingly convinced that her aunt’s house is haunted. She discovers an old hearse in the garage, which adds to the eerie atmosphere. Determined to uncover the truth, Jane delves into the dark history of the house and the secrets it holds. Along the way, she faces supernatural forces and a growing sense of dread[2].

The movie The Hearse (1980) combines elements of ghostly hauntings, psychological suspense, and supernatural horror. It explores themes of grief, paranoia, and the thin line between reality and the supernatural.


  • Trish Van Devere as Jane Hardy
  • Joseph Cotten as Walter Prichard
  • David Gautreaux as Tom Sullivan
  • Donald Hotton as Reverend Winston
  • Med Flory as Sheriff Denton


  • The Hearse (1980) features Trish Van Devere in the lead role, delivering a strong performance as Jane Hardy[1].
  • The film was released in the United States in June 1980[2].



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