The Incubus (1981)


The movie The Incubus (1981) is a supernatural horror film directed by John Hough. The plot focuses on a small Wisconsin town where a series of gruesome and bizarre rape crimes occur [6]. The authorities are perplexed by the nature of the crimes, and it is up to the town’s doctor to take matters into his own hands and uncover the truth.

The movie explores the psychological and supernatural elements surrounding the crimes. As the doctor delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a dark force at work, an incubus, a malevolent demon that preys on the town’s women [4]. The incubus is responsible for the heinous acts, and it possesses the ability to manifest as an ordinary human being, making it difficult to identify and apprehend.

The movie The Incubus (1981) delves into the doctor’s desperate attempts to stop the incubus and protect the town from further harm. As the incubus continues its reign of terror, the doctor faces personal and professional challenges, including skepticism from the clueless authorities [6]. The suspense builds as the doctor races against time to unravel the mystery and put an end to the incubus’s rampage.


  • John Cassavetes as Dr. Sam Cordell
  • Kerrie Keane as Laura Kincaid
  • John Ireland as Hank Walden
  • Helen Hughes as Agatha Galen
  • Duncan McIntosh as Tim Galen
  • Harvey Atkin as Dr. Roger St. Luc


  • The Incubus is based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Ray Russell [4].
  • The film was released in 1981 and is sometimes referred to as “Incubus” [4].
  • John Cassavetes, a renowned actor and director, stars in the film as Dr. Sam Cordell [5].



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