The Irrefutable Truth About Demons (2000)


The movie The Irrefutable Truth About Demons (2000) is a New Zealand horror film directed by Glenn Standring. It revolves around a paranormal studies professor who becomes convinced his schizophrenic patient’s delusions are actually real demonic experiences.

Professor Harry Ballard is researching extreme psychiatric cases involving claims of demonic possession. He comes across the case of Simon Lait, a mentally ill man found covered in blood murmuring about demons. Though his colleagues dismiss it as mere delusion, Ballard suspects otherwise.

Against his peers’ objections, Ballard takes on treating Simon himself. Through their sessions, Simon describes his terrifying encounters with sadistic demons in gruesome detail. As Ballard delves deeper, he puts his career, family, and life in mortal jeopardy.


  • Karl Urban as Harry Ballard
  • Keith David as Colonel Karlsson
  • Brian McDermott as Simon Lait
  • Glen Drake as Special Investigator Volta
  • Nicole Whippy as Sally Ballard


  • Karl Urban’s first lead role in a feature film
  • Released in NZ months before its film festival premiere
  • The director’s original cut was over 3 hours long
  • Filmed around Wellington, New Zealand



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