The Keep (1983)


The movie The Keep (1983) follows a group of Nazi soldiers who occupy a mysterious keep in Romania, only to unleash an ancient evil entity living within it.

In World War II, German soldiers take control of an ancient citadel known as the Keep in Romania. However, their presence seems to awaken a dangerous entity that resides in the keep’s depths. Paranormal occurrences begin plaguing the Nazis as an immortal demonic being manifests itself to eliminate the invaders.

The movie The Keep (1983) shows the desperate soldiers recruiting a Jewish professor to help them fight the keep’s evil power. However, the professor realizes the entity is the physical form of a dangerous force that must not fully escape its imprisonment within the keep’s walls.

The demon continues massacring the Nazi troops in terrifying ways,revealing itself as Molasar. As Molasar gains power, the professor understands it plans to release its evil across the entire world. In the climactic finale, the professor manages to defeat Molasar and reseal the ancient evil back inside the keep before it can unleash complete destruction.

The movie The Keep (1983) concludes with the professor seemingly sacrificing himself to stop Molasar, leaving the keep itself standing empty but its secrets still dangerously confined inside.


  • Scott Glenn as Glaeken Trismegestus
  • Ian McKellen as Dr. Theodore Cuza
  • Alberta Watson as Eva Cuza
  • Robert Prosky as Sgt. Koenig
  • Gabriel Byrne as Capt. Klaus Woermann


The electronic score was composed by Tangerine Dream and was their first film soundtrack.

The production went significantly over budget due to changes made by director Michael Mann.

Scenes were filmed on location at a Welsh slate quarry.


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