The Last Horror Film (1982)


Vinny Durand is a New York City taxi driver who dreams of directing a film starring horror actress Jana Bates. He decides to attend the Cannes Film Festival to meet Jana and convince her to star in his movie.

At Cannes, Jana is accompanied by her ex-husband and manager Bret Bates. Jana receives death threats telling her she has made her last horror film. Soon after, Bret is found decapitated in his hotel room. The body then disappears when Jana returns with the police.

Vinny stalks Jana around Cannes, filming her with his camera. Jana’s agent Marty Bernstein is also killed after getting a note to meet Bret. Vinny has a disturbing encounter with another horror director Stanley Kline and his assistant Susan Archer, who are both murdered as well.

Vinny breaks into Jana’s hotel room and threatens her with a broken bottle, but she escapes. Jana flees to a countryside chateau with her boyfriend Alan Cunningham, pursued by Vinny.

At the chateau, Vinny films a scene of himself playing Dracula to Jana’s victim. Bret appears, revealing he faked his death and was behind the killings to frame Vinny. In the climax, Vinny kills Bret with a chainsaw.

The final reveal shows Vinny screening his finished film with Jana at Cannes for his mother back in New York. It was all an elaborate horror movie he made starring the real Jana Bates.


  • Joe Spinell as Vinny Durand
  • Caroline Munro as Jana Bates
  • Judd Hamilton as Stanley Kline
  • Deborah Rose as Susan Archer
  • Glenn Jacobson as Bret Bates
  • David Winters as Himself


  • The movie The Last Horror Film (1982) was originally released as Fanatic.
  • The film was shot on location at the Cannes Film Festival, incorporating real footage from the festival.
  • The Last Horror Film gained a cult following over the years for its dark humor and Joe Spinell’s performance.
  • The film features cameos from various celebrities attending the Cannes Film Festival, including filmmakers and actors.



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