The Laughing Dead (1990)


The movie The Laughing Dead (1990) is a low-budget zombie horror film directed by Splatter Farm filmmakers Jon McBride and Todd Sheets. It follows a scientist who accidentally creates a zombie virus outbreak on a remote island.

The movie The Laughing Dead (1990) opens with scientist Oswald researching an experimental formula to cure a rare disease. When his diseased wife begs him to test it on her, Oswald agrees. However, the untested serum turns her into a ravenous flesh-eating zombie instead. She spreads the infection around the island by biting victims.

As the zombie plague spreads, Oswald teams up with the local doctor and a group of tourists to stop the undead. But the zombies overwhelm the island facilities and trap the survivors. After a final standoff and the destruction of his now completely zombified wife, Oswald synthesizes a cure to end the outbreak for good.


  • Tim Sullivan as Oswald
  • Chuck Alford as Dexter
  • Jane Vance as Mary Oswald
  • Gregg Houser as Cleve
  • Robin Lilly as Jasmine


  • Filmed in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Completed on a budget of only $5,000.
  • Most actors also worked on the crew.
  • Released the same year as Night of the Living Dead (1990).



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