The Lift (1983)


The movie The Lift (1983) follows an intelligent elevator that begins attacking and killing people inside an office building.

In a high-rise office building, an elevator malfunctions and violently crashes down to the ground level, injuring some journalists inside it. Technician Felix is called in to repair the elevator and investigates its mechanics in the control room.

The movie The Lift (1983) shows the elevator apparently taking on a murderous life of its own, targeting various people in the building. It strategically traps victims inside, crushing them or sending them plummeting. Felix discovers the elevator has become a homicidal machine.

As the body count rises, the terrified occupants try fleeing the building but find all exits cut off by the rogue lift. A police task force fights back but their efforts prove fruitless against the intelligence of the killer elevator.

In the finale, Felix devises a risky plan to short-circuit the lift, luring it to the roof level. At the last moment before being killed, Felix overloads the circuitry and destroys the lift. The movie The Lift (1983) ends with the office building saved from the menace.


  • Huub Stapel as Felix Adelaar
  • Willeke van Ammelrooy as Saskia Wagter
  • Josine van Dalsum as Jeanette
  • Gerard Thoolen as Inspector Ronniger
  • Frederik de Groot as Kaminsky


The movie is considered a Dutch cult classic, spawning two sequels.

Director Dick Maas went on to make other Dutch genre films like Amsterdamned.

The killer lift was controlled through remote systems and clever editing.


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