The Monster Club (1981)


The movie The Monster Club (1981) follows the story of a writer of horror stories who is invited to a mysterious “monster club” by an enigmatic old gentleman. At the club, the writer is treated to a series of gruesome tales, each one more chilling than the last.

Between each story, the writer learns about the world of monsters and their genealogy. He witnesses a vampire movie and discovers the consequences of being a monster. As the night progresses, the writer becomes more immersed in the macabre world of the club.

The movie The Monster Club (1981) is a unique blend of horror and musical elements..


  • Vincent Price as Eramus
  • John Carradine as R.Chetwynd-Hayes
  • Donald Pleasence as Pickering
  • Stuart Whitman as Sam
  • Britt Ekland as Angela


– The Monster Club (1981) features three segments of horror stories, including “The Shadmock,” “The Vampires,” and “The Humgoo,” each with its own unique twist[1].

– The film includes musical performances by various artists, adding a distinctive musical element to the horror genre[4].

– The Monster Club gained a cult following over the years, with its blend of horror, humor, and music appealing to fans of the genre[4].



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