The Mutilator (1984)


The movie The Mutilator (1984) follows a group of teens staying at a beach condo during the off-season who are stalked by a deranged killer using various weapons.

As a child, Ed Jr. accidentally shot his mother while cleaning his father’s guns, earning the nickname “Mutilator”. Years later, Ed invites his son and friends to close up the family’s beach condo for the winter.

Upon arriving, the teens are individually stalked and killed by a merciless figure wielding weapons from the condo’s trophy room. The movie The Mutilator (1984) depicts the brutal deaths of several teens by axe, spear gun, and other instruments.

The few surviving teens eventually realize it is Ed Jr. committing the murders, seeking vengeance for the childhood accident that scarred him. In the bloody climax, Ed Jr. is impaled by his own mutilating tools before he can kill the final teen.


  • Matt Mitler as Ed Jr./Mutilator
  • Bill Hitchcock as Mike
  • Connie Rogers as Pam
  • Frances Raines as Sue
  • Ruth Martinez as Linda


It was filmed under the title Fall Break.

The budget was only $175,000.

The movie faced censorship in several countries due to violent content.


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