The Other Hell (1981)


The movie The Other Hell (1981) is an Italian horror film directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso. The story follows a young nun named Sister Gertrude, who is sent to investigate a series of mysterious deaths at a convent. As she delves deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the convent is home to a demonic presence that is possessing the nuns and causing them to commit acts of violence and depravity. Sister Gertrude must confront the evil force and try to save the remaining nuns before it’s too late.

The movie The Other Hell (1981) includes themes such as exploring the dangers of religious fanaticism and the consequences of denying one’s desires.


  • Franca Stoppi as Mother Vincenza
  • Carlo De Mejo as Father Valerio
  • Francesca Carmeno as Sister Gertrude
  • Susan Forget as Sister Mathieu
  • Rodolfo Bigotti as Dr. Paul Eswai
  • Lucia D’Elia as Sister Sofia
  • Umberto Balli as Father John


  • The movie The Other Hell (1981) was originally titled “L’altro inferno” in Italian.
  • The film’s soundtrack was composed by the Italian progressive rock band Goblin.
  • The film was banned in the United Kingdom as a “video nasty” during the 1980s.



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