The Prey (1983)


The movie The Prey (1983) begins with a 1948 wildfire destroying a gypsy community in the Colorado mountains. In 1980, Frank and Mary camping there are murdered by an unknown assailant.

Soon after, three young couples hike into the area but two members, Greg and Gail, are killed by the same figure. The remaining four assume they left early. Ranger Mark investigates the area and finds the corpses.

The movie The Prey (1983) continues as the couples are stalked during their hike. Skip and Joel fall victim before Bobbie is killed by the now-revealed disfigured gypsy man. Mark saves Nancy but is murdered.

In the disturbing ending, the gypsy killer spares Nancy, implying she will birth his child. Months later, a baby is heard crying from a cave in the mountains.


  • Deborah Bartlett as Nancy
  • Rick Washburn as Joel
  • Charles H. Gray as Lester Tile
  • Barry Zetlin as Mark O’Brien
  • Don Lefont as Gypsy Killer


It was shot in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range.

The original director was replaced during filming.

The film had a low budget under $500,000.


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