The Reflecting Skin (1990)


The movie The Reflecting Skin (1990) is an independent horror drama directed by Philip Ridley and starring Viggo Mortensen, Lindsay Duncan, and Jeremy Cooper. It centers on a disturbed young boy in 1950s America obsessed with death and mortality.

The movie The Reflecting Skin (1990) introduces 8-year-old Seth Dove in rural Idaho living with his abusive parents. Seth becomes convinced their reclusive neighbor Dolphin Blue is a vampire. When a widow arrives in town, Seth suspects she is Blue’s vampire bride. After a friend’s suicide, Seth becomes obsessed with the concept of mortality.

Seth comes to see the widow and Blue as parental figures, furthering his vampire theories. In the film’s shocking climax, Seth sets Blue’s home on fire, horribly disfiguring the man. Some time later, Seth sees his parents as decayed ghoulish figures, reflecting his internal darkness and turmoil.


  • Viggo Mortensen as Seth Dove
  • Lindsay Duncan as Dolphin Blue
  • Jeremy Cooper as Eben Dove
  • Sheila Moore as Angel Dove
  • Duncan Fraser as Lachan Dove


  • The director’s feature film debut.
  • Filmed in Alberta, Canada.
  • Featured child actor Jeremy Cooper’s only film role.
  • Won Best Picture award at Fantafestival.



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