The Rift (1990)


The movie The Rift (1990), also known as Endless Descent, is a Spanish-American sci-fi horror film directed by Juan Piquer Simón. It follows a submarine crew who encounter mutants while investigating an undersea rift.

The movie The Rift (1990) opens with a submarine commanded by Captain Phillips being sent to investigate a mysterious radioactive rift at the bottom of the ocean. As they descend into a deep trench, the crew start experiencing hallucinations and paranoia.

Strange humanoid mutants begin infiltrating the submarine and killing the crew one by one. Geneticist Robbins theorizes the rift’s radiation has created the deadly mutants. Trapped on the ocean floor, the dwindling crew must find a way to get back to the surface while under attack by the amphibious creatures.

After many deadly encounters and technical failures, Phillips succeeds in destroying the rift and its mutants by detonating the sub’s nuclear warheads.


  • R. Lee Ermey as Captain Phillips
  • Ray Wise as Robbins
  • Deborah Adair as Joanna
  • John Toles-Bey as Wick Hays
  • Ely Pouget as Osinski


  • Also known as Endless Descent.
  • Mostly filmed at Estudios Cinematográficos in Madrid.
  • Creature effects by Reynaldo Delgado.
  • Rated R for sci-fi violence, gore and language.



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