The Sleeping Car (1990)


The movie The Sleeping Car (1990) is a supernatural horror film directed by Douglas Curtis and starring Jeff Conaway, Kathleen Beller, and Kevin McCarthy. It centers on deadly visions experienced by passengers of a vintage train car.

The movie The Sleeping Car (1990) introduces David, an architect who inherits a historical train car from his uncle. While transporting the car to a museum, a strange force causes the train to become stuck in the snow. The stranded passengers inside the sleeping car start experiencing bizarre hallucinations and visions of the car’s haunted history.

As the violent visions escalate, David researches his uncle’s ties to the train car, dating back to the massacre of Chinese railroad workers in the 19th century. David comes to realize vengeful ghostly entities haunt the car, targeting certain passengers. After several horrific deaths, David destroys the car, freeing the trapped souls.


  • Jeff Conaway as David
  • Kathleen Beller as Lynn
  • Kevin McCarthy as Carney
  • Michael J. Pollard as Vern
  • Jim McKrell as Detective


  • Filmed in Montana on a budget of $2 million.
  • Director Douglas Curtis was a prolific TV director.
  • Premiered on the USA Network before a limited theatrical release.
  • Received a Razzie nomination for Jeff Conaway.



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