The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)


The movie The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) is a slasher film directed by Amy Holden Jones and written by Rita Mae Brown. The story follows a group of high school girls who decide to have a slumber party while their parents are away. Unbeknownst to them, a maniacal killer with a power drill is on the loose in their neighborhood.

As the girls settle in for the night, they begin to experience strange occurrences and hear strange noises. One by one, they are stalked and killed by the killer, who is revealed to be a former patient of a nearby mental institution. The girls must fight for their survival as they try to escape the killer’s grasp.

The movie The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) is known for its graphic violence and gore, as well as its subversion of gender roles. The film features a predominantly female cast and crew, and explores themes of female empowerment and the male gaze. It has become a cult classic in the slasher genre.


  • Michelle Michaels as Trish Devereaux
  • Robin Stille as Valerie Bates
  • Michael Villella as Russ Thorn
  • Debra De Liso as Kim
  • Andree Honore as Jackie
  • Gina Smika Hunter as Diane
  • David Millbern as Jeff


  • The movie The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) was originally intended as a parody of the slasher genre, but was reworked into a straightforward horror film.
  • The film’s screenplay was written by feminist author Rita Mae Brown.
  • The Slumber Party Massacre grossed $3.6 million at the box office on a budget of $220,000.
  • The film has been praised for its subversion of gender roles and its portrayal of female empowerment.



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