The St. Francisville Experiment (2000)


The movie The St. Francisville Experiment (2000) is a supernatural found footage horror film directed by Ted Nicolaou. It depicts a group of ghost hunters investigating a reportedly haunted plantation mansion and their terrifying discoveries.

A team of paranormal researchers known as the American Institute of Parapsychology, led by Dr. Friedrichs, chooses Oak Alley Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana as the site of their latest study. The historic mansion is said to be haunted by the vengeful ghosts of tortured slaves from its plantation days.

Setting up cameras throughout the property, the team begins their investigation. Initially skeptical, they soon capture voices, moving objects, and apparitions on film. As the paranormal activity escalates, the researchers argue over whether to continue or abandon the dangerous experiment.


  • Brock Banner as Cuba
  • Fionnuala Buckley as Catelyn
  • Steve Czirjak as Noah
  • Aloysia Lynchez as Latani
  • Mia Slate as Megan


  • Shot on location at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana
  • Director Ted Nicolaou often works in direct-to-video horror
  • Actors improvised most of their dialogue
  • Released as part of the “Creature Features” series




Tom Ruffles


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