The Strangeness (1985)


The movie The Strangeness (1985) is a low-budget horror film directed by Melanie Anne Phillips. The movie The Strangeness (1985) follows a man who drinks contaminated water that mutates him into a tentacled monster.

Set in an underground military bunker, the movie focuses on a soldier named Alan who is part of an experiment testing effects of radiation exposure. After being locked in a contaminated chamber, Alan emerges violently mutated. He escapes into the surrounding woods, where the radiation morphs him into a grotesque creature covered in eyes and tentacles.

The army hunts for the monstrous Alan along with a researcher named Mike who knows the bunker’s secrets.


  • John DiSanti as Alan
  • Robert Worth as Mike
  • Lisbeth Hummel as Lab Tech
  • Albert Band as General
  • Penney Pickett as Female Camper


The film had a budget of only $30,000.

Director Melanie Anne Phillips was one of the few female horror directors of the time.

Most of the monster effects were done through crude claymation.


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