The Suckling (1990)


The movie The Suckling (1990) is a low-budget horror film directed by Francis Teri and starring Bernadette Swanson, Rufus Norris, and Lisa Harrow. It revolves around a mutated monster fetus wreaking havoc at a brothel.

The movie The Suckling (1990) opens at Big Mama’s brothel where a girl named Lovey gives birth to a deformed mutant baby conceived by a radioactive client. After it brutally kills Lovey and a policeman, Big Mama and the brothel workers lock the monstrous baby in the basement. However, it quickly escapes and goes on a killing rampage.

The vicious creature decapitates girls and mutilates their bodies as it prowls the brothel. Big Mama calls in a para-psychologist and a steel-fisted mercenary named Splat to try destroying the mutant. After it kills most of the brothel’s residents, Splat crushes the surviving Suckling in a meat press.


  • Bernadette Swanson as Lovey Wilder
  • Rufus Norris as Baby Wilder
  • Lisa Harrow as Big Mama
  • Stephen Bill as Splat
  • Karen Lynn as Marlene


  • Filmed in Missouri on a budget under $35,000.
  • Props included a dead pig fetus for the title creature.
  • Director Francis Teri was a protege of Herschell Gordon Lewis.
  • Actress Lisa Harrow was British.



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