The Survivor (1981)


The movie The Survivor (1981) is an Australian supernatural horror film directed by David Hemmings. The plot follows Keller, an airline pilot played by Robert Powell, who miraculously survives a plane crash that kills all of his passengers [4]. After the crash, Keller is haunted by the memories of the tragedy and begins experiencing strange occurrences.

As Keller tries to move on with his life, he is contacted by a clairvoyant named Hobbs, portrayed by Jenny Agutter, who claims to be in contact with the spirits of the crash victims [4]. Hobbs believes that there is a supernatural force at work and that Keller is being targeted by an otherworldly entity. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind the crash and the presence that continues to haunt Keller.

The movie The Survivor (1981) explores themes of survival, guilt, and the supernatural.


  • Robert Powell as Keller
  • Jenny Agutter as Hobbs
  • Joseph Cotten as Priest
  • Angela Punch McGregor as Louise
  • Peter Sumner as First Officer
  • Lorna Lesley as Susan


  • The Survivor is based on the 1976 novel of the same name by James Herbert [4].
  • The film was directed by David Hemmings and marked Joseph Cotten’s final feature film appearance [4].
  • The Survivor combines elements of supernatural horror and psychological thriller to create a suspenseful and atmospheric viewing experience [4].



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