The Thirsty Dead (1974)


The movie The Thirsty Dead (1974) is a low-budget Filipino horror film about a cult of female vampires who capture young women to feed on their blood. It combines elements of vampire films and exploitation.

The movie The Thirsty Dead (1974) follows a group of young female tourists in the Philippines who get lost and end up in a remote village. The villagers are members of a cult that worships ancient tribal gods. They also harbor a group of vampiric women who appear once a night to drink blood from young female sacrifices.


  • Jennifer Billingsley as Sandy
  • Judith McConnell as Marie
  • Yvonne Nielson as Beth
  • Vic Diaz as bald vampire
  • Vic Silayan as Raphael


The film’s director Paul Hunt had never actually directed a movie before.


“And that’s the whole problem with the movie: there’s no tension or danger. Our four kidnapped heroines never really seem upset with their predicament (one almost seems to welcome it), and the cult doesn’t “make an example” and kill one of them early on in order to raise the stakes.” [1]

“The end sort of plods along, repeating the same set of events over and over again until, finally, we’re all released from its grip (honestly, it never had much of a grip to begin with).” [2]

“The Thirsty Dead is a 90-minute rumination on youth and age that says nothing and wastes everyone’s time in the process.” [3]





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