The Wild Beasts (1984)


The movie The Wild Beasts (1984) centers on vicious zoo animals that go on a murderous rampage after ingesting PCP-laced cocaine.

In a German zoo, lions, cheetahs, elephants, and other animals accidentally consume cocaine soaked in the drug PCP. This makes the wild beasts go insane and violent, causing them to break out of their cages.

The movie The Wild Beasts (1984) follows the crazed, hyper-aggressive animals as they run rampant through the city, attacking and killing anyone they encounter. The zookeepers and police try capturing the lethal beasts before they can harm more people.


  • Franco Diogene as Rupert
  • Francesca Neri as Laura
  • John Aldrich as Tommy
  • Joshua Sinclair as Daniel
  • Karin Field as Mary


The film was shot in Rome with some real zoo animals.

Director Franco E. Prosperi also made the Mondo cannibal movie Wild Beasts.

The film is known for its graphic and controversial kill scenes.


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