Time Walker (1982)


The movie Time Walker (1982) follows a group of researchers who unearth a mummy that turns out to be an alien that can alter time. The mummy goes on a murderous rampage as the researchers try to stop it.

The movie begins with Dr. Douglas McCadden and his graduate students opening up an ancient Egyptian tomb. Inside they discover an unusual sarcophagus holding the perfectly preserved mummy of an Egyptian princess named Tutankhamun. As they prepare to transport the mummy back to California, one of the students is shocked by energy from the mummy’s necklace. Back at the university, another student touches the mummy and also gets shocked, after which the mummy comes back to life.

The mummy is revealed to be an alien whose advanced technology allows it to manipulate time and transport people into different time loops. The alien mummy begins hunting down the students one by one, using its abilities to appear and disappear. It can also speed up a person’s perception of time to lethally age them. Dr. McCadden deduces the mummy’s true nature when his wife also becomes a victim of its abilities. Now understanding the threat, McCadden and his remaining assistants work to stop the alien mummy.

The movie Time Walker (1982) continues as another student falls victim when the mummy causes him to age decades in seconds. Dr. McCadden consults with an expert who explains the mummy is from a dying civilization planning to invade Earth by altering the timeline. McCadden’s assistant Amanda begins showing signs of the rapid aging affliction. They realize the mummy’s necklace holds the key to stopping it and race against time to end its murderous rampage.

After killing several police officers, the alien mummy invades a hospital where Amanda is being treated. It speeds up time around the doctors, leaving McCadden alone to confront it. McCadden shoots the mummy’s necklace device, disrupting its time-altering abilities. The mummy starts rapidly decaying as several millennia of aging catch up to it instantly. Amanda is also restored to normal. With the alien mummy now permanently dead, the timeline returns to normal.

In the aftermath, McCadden theorizes the mummy was part of an advance invasion force that went wrong when the alien died. Though the threat is over, the final scene shows the mummy’s sarcophagus still glowing, hinting there may be more time-traveling aliens. The movie Time Walker (1982) ends with the mummy’s origins remaining mysterious.


  • Ben Murphy as Dr. Douglas McCadden
  • Nina Axelrod as Amanda
  • Kevin Brophy as Peter Sharpe
  • James Karen as Dr. Wickersham
  • Shari Belafonte as Jenny


The film’s director Tom Kennedy also directed episodes of TV shows like Airwolf and The A-Team.

Many of the hospital scenes were shot at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center.

The producers considered having the mummy be bandaged but ultimately decided on a bare-chested look.





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