Toxic Zombies (1980)


The movie “Toxic Zombies” (1980), also known as “Bloodeaters,” “Bloodeaters: Butchers of the Damned,” “The Dromax Derangement,” and “Forest of Fear,” is a horror film directed by Charles McCrann. The story revolves around illegal drug plantations that are sprayed with a chemical called Dromax as part of an anti-drug initiative organized by corrupt government officials[6].

After the drug crops are sprayed with the chemical by a passing airplane, the growers of the crop are unknowingly poisoned by the toxic herbicide. As a result, they undergo a horrifying transformation and turn into mindless cannibals[5]. The once peaceful marijuana farmers become bloodthirsty creatures, killing anyone they come into contact with[2].

A group of friends, who are camping near the base of a mountain where they plan to harvest their illegal weed plantation, find themselves in grave danger when they encounter the toxic zombies. They must fight for their lives and find a way to escape the clutches of these cannibalistic creatures[3].

The movie Toxic Zombies (1980) explores the consequences of government intervention and the terrifying transformation of individuals into bloodthirsty monsters..


  • Charles McCrann


– Toxic Zombies (1980) is classified as a video nasty in the United Kingdom, and it was banned in the country during the 1980s[6].

– The film is also known by alternative titles such as “Bloodeaters,” “Bloodeaters: Butchers of the Damned,” “The Dromax Derangement,” and “Forest of Fear”[6].


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