Turkey Shoot (1982)


The movie Turkey Shoot (1982), also known as Escape 2000, is an Australian dystopian action thriller film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. The story is set in a totalitarian future where a corrupt government runs a brutal prison camp known as “The Institute.” The movie follows the journey of three prisoners – Paul, Chris, and Rita – who are sent to The Institute for various reasons.

The movie Turkey Shoot (1982) explores the sadistic and oppressive nature of The Institute, where the prisoners are subjected to dehumanizing treatment and used as targets for the guards’ violent sport. The prisoners are forced to participate in a deadly game of survival, where they must evade capture and fight for their lives.

As the movie progresses, Paul, Chris, and Rita form an alliance with other prisoners and plan a daring escape from The Institute. They face numerous challenges, including sadistic guards, treacherous terrain, and the deadly game that is designed to eliminate them. The movie showcases their struggle for freedom and their determination to expose the corrupt government’s atrocities.


  • Steve Railsback as Paul Anders
  • Olivia Hussey as Chris Walters
  • Michael Craig as Charles Thatcher
  • Carmen Duncan as Jennifer
  • Noel Ferrier as Secretary Mallory
  • Lynda Stoner as Rita Daniels


  • The movie Turkey Shoot (1982) was originally titled “Escape 2000” in some regions.
  • The film faced censorship and controversy due to its violent content and political undertones.
  • Turkey Shoot was filmed in Australia and utilized the country’s unique landscapes to create a dystopian setting.
  • The film’s budget was relatively low, but it gained a cult following for its over-the-top action and social commentary.



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