Underworld (1985)


The movie Underworld (1985), also known as Transmutations, is a British horror film directed by George Pavlou. The movie Underworld (1985) follows a troubled doctor who gets embroiled in unethical experiments that blend science with the occult.

Dr. Savary is a researcher obsessed with mutating cells to create new lifeforms. He secretly conducts experiments in an abandoned warehouse, using a strange triangular device and bringing corpses back to life. When his deformed creations escape and attack people around the city, a police inspector and his novice assistant begin investigating the bizarre case.

The young assistant Morgan befriends a waitress named Holly who was a victim of one of Savary’s mutant creatures. As Morgan digs deeper, he discovers Savary’s role as the mad doctor behind the mutations.


  • Denis Lawson as Morgan
  • Nicola Cowper as Holly
  • Steven Berkoff as Dr. Savary
  • Larry Lamb as Inspector Crosby
  • Ingrid Pitt as Mrs. Hensley


The film’s alternative title Transmutations was taken from the novel it was based on.

It was Ingrid Pitt’s final feature film appearance before she retired.

The movie was filmed in London on a budget of $1.5 million.


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