Unhinged (1982)


The movie Unhinged (1982) opens with three female college students, Terry, Nancy and Gloria, driving to a music festival. After a car accident leaves them stranded, the women take shelter in an isolated mansion owned by the Penrose family – Marion, her elderly mother, and their groundskeeper Norman.

The movie Unhinged (1982) takes a dark turn as the women experience strange occurrences in the house. Terry finds a human tooth and hears creepy noises at night. Nancy goes missing after walking through the woods. Later, Gloria is attacked in her room by an unseen assailant with a hatchet.

Terry discovers a gruesome shed full of corpses including her dead friends. She is chased by Marion’s brother Carl, who she shoots and kills. Marion reveals “she” is actually a man masquerading as a woman. Marion then murders Terry in a crazed state, raving about “her” gender dysphoria.

The movie Unhinged (1982) ends with Mrs. Penrose calling for Marion, unaware of the bloody murders. Marion, dressed as a woman, responds that there are no men upstairs. The disturbing ending leaves the full extent of the family’s madness unknown.


  • Janet Penner as Terry
  • Virginia Settle as Julie
  • David S. Cass Sr. as Jim
  • John Morrison as Ralph
  • John Archie as Sheriff
  • Len Lesser as Dr. Frazier


  • The movie Unhinged (1982) was filmed on a shoestring budget of $250,000.
  • The film was shot in Portland, Oregon, and features various iconic locations in the city.
  • Unhinged gained a cult following over the years for its gritty atmosphere and intense performances.
  • The film was released as a double feature with another horror film, Don’t Go in the Woods (1981).



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