Vampires in Havana (1985)


The movie Vampires in Havana (1985) is an animated Cuban horror comedy film directed by Juan Padrón. The movie Vampires in Havana (1985) is about a vampire named Count Dracula who travels to Havana, Cuba in pursuit of bloodshed and beautiful women.

In 1938 Havana, Count Dracula arrives from Transylvania, set on sampling the local singing sensations, beautiful women, and nightlife. Dracula begins attacking showgirls for their blood, turning some into vampires like his sidekick, Pepe. vampire hunter named Joseph recruitment assistance from a scientist and his granddaughter, Eva, to combat Dracula’s growing coven of vampires.


  • Jorge Luke as Count Dracula
  • Silvia Planas as Caridad
  • Solón Parga as Joseph the Vampire Hunter
  • Ángel Toraño as Pepe the Vampire
  • Ángela Molina as Eva


The film mixes horror elements with musical comedy numbers.

It was the first Cuban vampire movie ever produced.

The budget was only $300,000.


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