Wacko (1982)


The movie Wacko (1982) is a horror comedy film directed by Greydon Clark. The story takes place in a small town called Pervertville, where a masked killer known as the Lawnmower Killer is on the loose. The town is in a state of panic as the killer targets high school students and local residents.

The movie Wacko (1982) is set on Halloween night in a town terrorized by a killer in a pumpkin mask who drives a lawnmower. Officer Dick Harbinger is obsessed with stopping the murderer who killed kids 13 years ago.

On the night of the Halloween prom, the pumpkin-headed killer returns to claim new victims. Harbinger intensifies his pursuit, questioning suspects including the lecherous school janitor Zeke and the creepy father of teenager Mary Graves.

The movie Wacko (1982) continues as several prom-going teens are gruesomely murdered by the lawnmower maniac. Meanwhile, offbeat antics occur like Harbinger’s family eating huge cake slices and the vice principal being killed by a head vice.

In the insane climax, Harbinger is revealed to be the killer himself, donning the pumpkin mask to teach the town a lesson about vigilance. At the prom, his murderous rampage culminates in a final bloody showdown.

With its blend of slasher horror and zany comedy, the movie Wacko (1982) delivers a hilariously offbeat spoof brimming with laughs and carnage. Harbinger’s over-the-top reveal provides a perfect punchline to the lawnmower killer’s madcap reign of terror.


  • Joe Don Baker as Dick Harbinger
  • Stella Stevens as Mrs. Doctor Graves
  • George Kennedy as Mr. Doctor Graves
  • Julia Duffy as Mary Graves
  • Andrew Dice Clay as Tony Schlongini
  • Elizabeth Daily as Bambi


  • The movie Wacko (1982) was filmed in Los Angeles, California.
  • It parodies various horror films, including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Psycho.
  • Wacko features a mix of horror and comedy, with exaggerated and absurd situations.
  • The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its humor and self-awareness, while others criticized its low-budget production values.



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