Watchers II (1990)


The movie Watchers 2 (1990) is a sci-fi horror sequel directed by Thierry Notz based on a novel by Dean Koontz. It centers on genetically engineered creatures escaping from a lab and terrorizing a small town.

The movie Watchers 2 (1990) begins with two intelligent creatures, a golden retriever named Einstein and a monster called The Outsider, escaping from a research facility. The main character, played by Marc Singer, is a military deserter who runs into the super-intelligent dog Einstein, which was let loose from the laboratory by animal rights activists. This involves him with the creature The Outsider.


  • Marc Singer
  • Timothy Marlowe


  • Sequel to the 1988 film Watchers.
  • Based on Dean Koontz’s 1987 novel.
  • Replaced the original Einstein dog Bo with puppies.
  • Received a short theatrical release.



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