Whispers (1990)


The movie Whispers (1990) is a horror film directed by Douglas Jackson, starring Victoria Tennant, Jean Le Clerc, and Chris Sarandon. It revolves around a woman who undergoes a dangerous experiment to obtain telepathic powers.

The movie Whispers (1990) introduces Hillary, a woman desperate to have a baby with her husband. She participates in an experimental procedure conducted by Dr. Alec Waterman that gives her telepathic abilities. However, Hillary starts hearing sinister voices and experiencing terrifying visions.

As Hillary’s telepathic powers grow, she uncovers that Dr. Waterman had sinister ulterior motives for the experiment. His previous test subjects went insane from the procedure, giving them access to evil entities in other dimensions. Hillary discovers the voices come from a demonic presence that Dr. Waterman made contact with and that it is slowly taking over her.

In the climactic confrontation, the now possessed Dr. Waterman explains he opened a portal to obtain knowledge from ancient evil spirits. Hillary defies the demonic voices in her head and destroys the portal machine, defeating the presence but losing her powers.


  • Victoria Tennant as Hillary
  • Jean Le Clerc as Dr. Alec Waterman
  • Chris Sarandon as Bruno
  • Brenda Fricker as Nurse Noelle
  • Derek de Lint as Rob


  • Based on the novel The Whisper by Robert Coover.
  • Shot in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.
  • Chris Sarandon’s character name is an homage to the novel Frankenstein.
  • Rated R for language, violence and a scene of sexuality.



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