White Dog (1982)


The movie White Dog (1982) is a drama-thriller film directed by Samuel Fuller. The story revolves around a young actress named Julie Sawyer who hits a white German Shepherd with her car. She takes the injured dog to the vet and decides to adopt him. However, Julie soon discovers that the dog has been trained to attack and kill black people.

Shocked and disturbed by the dog’s behavior, Julie seeks help from a dog trainer named Keys, who specializes in rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Together, they try to understand the dog’s conditioning and find a way to reverse it. As they delve deeper into the dog’s past, they uncover a network of racism and hate that has shaped the dog’s behavior.

The movie White Dog (1982) explores themes of racism, prejudice, and the capacity for change. It raises questions about the nature of prejudice and whether it can be unlearned..


  • Kristy McNichol as Julie Sawyer
  • Paul Winfield as Keys
  • Burl Ives as Carruthers
  • Jameson Parker as Roland Gray
  • Christa Lang as Molly
  • Vernon Weddle as Officer Johnson


  • The movie White Dog (1982) is based on the novel of the same name by Romain Gary.
  • The film tackles the sensitive subject of racism and was initially met with controversy and censorship.
  • White Dog was intended to be a thought-provoking exploration of racism and prejudice, but its release was delayed due to concerns about its potential to incite violence.
  • The film was eventually released with limited distribution and received critical acclaim for its powerful message and performances.



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