X-Ray (1981)


The movie X-Ray (1981), also known as Hospital Massacre, is a slasher film directed by Boaz Davidson. The plot revolves around a woman named Susan Jeremy, played by Barbi Benton, who visits a hospital for a routine check-up [1]. Unbeknownst to her, a deranged stalker from her past has infiltrated the hospital and is determined to make her pay for a perceived wrong.

As Susan goes through various medical tests, she becomes increasingly aware that something is not right. Strange occurrences and unexplained deaths begin to happen around her, causing her to suspect that someone is targeting her. The movie X-Ray (1981) takes a suspenseful turn as Susan tries to uncover the identity of her stalker and escape the hospital alive.

The tension builds as Susan navigates the dark and eerie corridors of the hospital, encountering various staff members and patients who may or may not be involved in the sinister plot against her.


  • Barbi Benton as Susan Jeremy
  • Charles Lucia as Dr. Saxon
  • Jon Van Ness as Harry
  • John Warner Williams as Mark
  • Den Surles as Bunky
  • Michael Frost as Jack


  • The movie X-Ray is also known as Hospital Massacre [1].
  • Barbi Benton, who plays the lead role, is a former Playboy model and actress [1].
  • The film was released on October 16, 1981 [1].



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