Zigeunerweisen (1980)


The movie Zigeunerweisen (1980) is a surreal period film directed by Seijun Suzuki. It follows an university professor and his eerie nomad friend as they navigate through loose romantic triangles and face death in peculiar ways[1]. The film is based on Hyakken Uchida’s novel, “Disk of Sarasate,” and takes its title from a gramophone recording of Pablo de Sarasate’s violin composition, Zigeunerweisen, which plays a significant role in the story[2].

Zigeunerweisen is a departure from director Suzuki Seijun’s previous Nikkatsu films. It was shot entirely on location without access to studio resources and runs for 144 minutes, allowing for a more expansive exploration of its intellectual characters and period setting[2]. The film has a unique blend of surrealism, romance, and mystery[1].


  • Yoshio Harada as Aochi
  • Toshiya Fujita as Nakasago
  • Kiwako Taichi as Koine
  • Kazuko Yoshiyuki as Sono
  • Naoko Ôtani as Otoyo


  • Zigeunerweisen was shot entirely on location without access to studio resources[2].
  • The film won Honourable Mention at the 31st Berlin International Film Festival in 1981[2].



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