Zombie Holocaust (1980)


The movie Zombie Holocaust (1980), also known as Zombi Holocaust, is an Italian horror film directed by Marino Girolami. The film follows a team of scientists who embark on a journey from New York to a remote Indonesian island. Their mission is to investigate a series of mysterious deaths and uncover the truth behind the trail of corpses.

As the team arrives on the island, they encounter a mad doctor who is conducting gruesome experiments on both the living and the dead. The doctor’s experiments involve creating zombies and cannibals, resulting in a clash between the two groups. The movie Zombie Holocaust (1980) combines elements of zombie films, cannibal films, and mad scientist films.


  • Ian McCulloch as Dr. Peter Chandler
  • Alexandra Delli Colli as Lori Ridgeway
  • Sherry Buchanan as Susan Kelly
  • Peter O’Neal as George Harper
  • Donald O’Brien as Dr. Obrero


  • The film was released in Italy under the title “Zombi Holocaust” and later re-edited and released in the United States as “Doctor Butcher M.D.”
  • Zombie Holocaust (1980) features scenes that are similar to Lucio Fulci’s zombie film, “Zombi 2” (1979).



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