Zombie Island Massacre (1984)


The movie Zombie Island Massacre (1984) follows a group of friends who go to a Caribbean island resort only to face zombies resurrected by voodoo magic.

A group of Americans including friends Aaron and Valerie vacation to an exotic island resort. There they find the locals deeply involved in voodoo ceremonies, warning them away from certain areas.

The movie Zombie Island Massacre (1984) shows the friends ignoring the warnings and partying on the beach, where they accidentally revive zombies using dark voodoo magic. The zombies start hunting them across the small island.

Trapped on the island now overrun with the undead, the friends try fighting back against the slow-moving but relentless zombies. Valerie discovers the zombies can be stopped by destroying their undead hearts.

In the end, the few remaining survivors including Aaron destroy the last of the zombies, allowing them to finally escape the island’s horrific curse.


  • David Broadnax as Aaron
  • Rita Jenrette as Valerie
  • Tom Cantrell as Robbie
  • Randy Gellen as Linda


It was filmed on location in Florida and the Caribbean.

The film is also known by the alternate titles Island of the Zombies and Zombie Bloodbath.

The low budget was around $50,000.


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